Aspen Historical Walking Tours

Aspen Historical Walking Tours

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  • 09/12/23

Nestled in the Roaring Fork Valley, among the grandeur of the Elk Mountains, Aspen, Colorado is much more than just a ski destination—it's a living tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. What started as a silver mining town in the late 19th century has transformed into a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, culture buffs, and history aficionados. While Aspen is globally recognized for its world-class skiing, shopping, and festivals, one often-overlooked way to deeply connect with this picturesque town is through its historical walking tours.

A Brief History of Aspen

Aspen has a rich and multifaceted history that extends far beyond its modern reputation as a winter sports haven and cultural hotspot. The story of Aspen is one of transformation from a Native American hunting ground to a silver mining town, followed by a period of decay, and finally, its rebirth as a global destination for outdoor activities and intellectual pursuits.

The modern history of Aspen started in the late 1870s when prospectors discovered silver in the area. Originally named Ute City, the town was renamed Aspen in 1880 due to the abundance of aspen trees in the area. By the late 19th century, Aspen was thriving, with a population of over 10,000, and became known for its wealth and as the "Silver Queen of the Rockies." Institutions like the Wheeler Opera House and Hotel Jerome were built during this period, serving the city's elite and providing cultural avenues.

Tracing the Silver Linings

And so the first pit stop for history buffs should be the Wheeler Opera House. Built in 1889 by Jerome Wheeler, the venue was once the epicenter of Aspen's social life. A tour of the Opera House is a chance to step back in time and get a feel for the city's rich cultural history. The meticulously preserved architecture and the intricate wooden interiors whisper tales of an age gone by.

Not far from the Wheeler Opera House is the Hotel Jerome, which has been serving guests since 1889. It was among the first establishments in the western United States to have electricity, symbolizing Aspen’s resilience and ingenuity. No historical walking tour of Aspen would be complete without a visit to this iconic landmark.

The Ghost Town That Came Back to Life

Following the decline of the silver industry and the exodus of its populace, Aspen became what could only be described as a “ghost town.” The resurgence came in the mid-20th century when Walter Paepcke, a Chicago industrialist, envisioned Aspen as a utopia for the mind, body, and spirit. The founding of the Aspen Institute and the Aspen Skiing Company during this period revived the town, transforming it into the cultural and outdoor haven we know today.

Red Onion: The Longest-Running

While walking along Aspen’s cobbled streets, stop by Red Onion. Established in 1892, it is Aspen’s longest-running bar and restaurant. Located on the bustling Cooper Avenue in the heart of downtown Aspen, the Red Onion is more than just a dining spot; it's a living museum that offers patrons a glimpse into the town’s storied past. Stepping inside is like walking into a time capsule, with period-appropriate décor and a late 19th-century bar original to the establishment.

Over the years, the Red Onion has served as a communal gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. Whether it’s apres-ski relaxation during the winter or a hearty meal after a summer hike, the Red Onion is where people come together. The restaurant is also known for its live music, featuring local artists and touring bands, thus making it a cornerstone of Aspen’s vibrant cultural scene.

The Great Outdoors

But Aspen’s appeal isn't just confined to history and architecture. Four major ski areas surround the town, each offering a different terrain and difficulty level, making it perfect for winter sports aficionados. These slopes transform into excellent hiking and mountain biking trails in the summer. Maroon Bells, a pair of stunningly beautiful peaks, offers breathtaking vistas and is a must-visit for photography enthusiasts.

Rafting in the Roaring Fork River and hot air ballooning are other exciting options for adventure seekers. The crystalline skies and mountain scenery provide an unparalleled backdrop to these thrilling activities.

Contemporary Attractions

Once you have delved into Aspen’s past, you can look at its present and future through its numerous art galleries, boutiques, and modern culinary establishments. The Aspen Art Museum, a non-collecting institution, presents the newest, most important evolutions in international contemporary art.

Sky Residences at W Aspen: The Perfect Base for Exploration

Now that you're armed with an appreciation of Aspen’s rich history and myriad activities, where should you hang your hat? The Sky Residences at W Aspen offer unparalleled luxury and convenience. Situated at the base of Aspen Mountain, these residences provide direct access to the slopes and are within walking distance of Aspen’s most iconic historical landmarks.

In addition to its prime location, the Sky Residences offer modern amenities such as a rooftop bar with panoramic views, an outdoor heated pool, and a state-of-the-art fitness center, all without compromising on the cozy, mountain-town aesthetic Aspen is famous for.

Your visit to Aspen would be incomplete without partaking in the historical walking tours that offer a peek into its rich past. But history is not just to be read and talked about; it’s to be lived. At the Sky Residences at W Aspen, you live within the modern embodiment of Aspen’s grand history while enjoying the contemporary luxuries that make your stay unforgettable.

Don't just read about Aspen's incredible journey through time; come and live it. Book your stay at the Sky Residences at W Aspen, your luxury base camp for exploring all this magnificent town offers. Discover the blend of history, luxury, and adventure only Aspen can offer. Experience Aspen. Experience history. Experience luxury. Experience it all at the Sky Residences at W Aspen.

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